Band Bio

Brad Gilbertson
Lead Vocals, Percussion

Brad is an accomplished high-wire artist with expertise in extraterrestrial research,  parapsychology, and cruciferous vegetable origami. Prior to coming to Brand X, he played didgeridoo with the London Philharmonic.  Not actually in the same room with them, of course, just at the same time. What were you thinking?

Brad brings an inspiring humanist philosophy to his lead vocals: It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Listening to his dynamic performance from the dance floor , it’s as if you’re actually there.




Geoff Alman
Bass, Vocal

Geoff has a long background playing punk rock and teaching transcendental meditation across the US, including gigs in San Francisco, Boston, Eugene, LA & Vegas.  He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is the most reliable. We have heard no explanation as to why he spends so much time in the shed.

No matter, when Geoff lays down a bass line, the audience is on its feet!




Steve Israel

Steve has been playing in bar bands since before musical instruments were invented. His first band started so long ago, the band members could only pound on rocks with dried bones. They were managed by Keith Richards, who took the job in order to have something to do in his old age.

After all that experience, it’s no wonder that every Brand X audience comments that the band has one of the best drummers they’ve ever heard.




Tim Shea
Keyboard, Vocals


Tim Shea came to Brand X after a tragic artillery accident deprived him of his hair and his sense of rhythm, ending a brilliant career as an internationally renowned human cannonball. Brand X therapy has done wonders for him, however, and his smokin’ hot keyboard riffs will keep you on the dance floor for hours.




Richard Silletto

Richard got his start – this is real, no foolin’ – selling T-shirts at Winterland in the 70’s, for Bill Graham, the famous impressario. He has played guitar with more big names than you can shake a stick at.

Almost all of them got restraining orders, because they were pretty pissed off at Richard for shaking his stick at them. But he’s better now. Honest.

Listen to him kill it with string-melting leads on Smooth and Pride and Joy.





Bruce Johnson
Sound Services

Bruce is the man, in charge of sound. There’s nothing more to be said about a sound man of his caliber. He’s the reason you get that brilliant clarity of sound when Brand X fires up its harpsichord and dulcimer version of Hard to Handle, or our all-accordion-all-tamborine polka rendition of Addicted to Love.